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In 2017 We Donated A Total Of
                         BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH                                              NORTH YORK GENERAL FOUNDATION TEST DRIVE 
                            DAILY BREAD HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE                              NORTH YORK GENERAL HOSPITAL'S HOLIDAY TOY DRIVE 

December 2017 



Lexus on the Park is proud to support North York General Hospital's (NYGH) Annual Holiday This toy drive will be held until December 18th, so help lift a child's spirit by donating a new, unwrapped toy for a child who will be in the hospital over the holidays. If you are vising us between now and December 18th, please bring your toy to Lexus on the Park!

For more information on NYGH and their annual holiday toy drive, please click here!



Lexus on the Park is proud to support Daily Bread Food Bank's Holiday Drive. This drive ends December 31st and the money and food raised will help Daily Bread provide food for almost 200 food programs across Toronto throughout the winter months! Please bring in a non-perishable item if you are coming in for service, questions, or even just to visit us!
For more information on Daily Bread Food Bank and their Holiday Drive please click here!

November 2017 


The Annual Silver Ball


Amount Donated: $74,824.42

The Silver Ball is an exclusive gala held to raise funds for Providence Healthcare. This gala so far raised over $14 million for Providence Healthcare and is one of Toronto's most anticipated annual events. Lexus On The Park has proudly donated a new 2017 RX 350 at a retail value of $74,824.42 to the Silver Ball Gala held this year on November 4, 2017. For the 24th Annual Silver Ball, Lexus On The Park helped raise $1 million!

For more information on Providence Healthcare or the Silver Ball Gala, click here to visit their website.


North York General Hospital Foundation

For almost 50 years, North York General Hospital (NYGH) has served our community, caring for patients and families who depend on us. Since our establishment in 1968, NYGH has grown to be one of Canada's leading community academic hospitals, seeing over 420,000 patients every year.

For November, Lexus On The Park will be participating in a test drive program in partnership with North York General Foundation. From November 6 - December 6, Lexus On The Park will donate 15% for every test drive taken, to support child & youth mental health at North York General.

For more information on North York General Foundation or to donate, click here to visit their website.



Amount Donated: $5,400

Chai Lifeline is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping Canadian children suffering from serious illnes, as well as their family member. Chai Lifeline is holding a Go All In Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament to help support this cause. This year, Lexus On The Park is proud to be the valet sponsor for this event

For more information on Chai Lifeline and how to attend this event, please click here to visit their website.


Leaside Sports Hall Of Fame Induction

Amount Donated: $1,000

Lexus On The Park is proud to help celebrate sports in Leaside! Lexus On The Park's support will help fun the annual induction ceremony and community celebration Friday November 17, 2017 at Leaside Arena. The event will honour athletes and builders in sport and is an opportunity for all members of the community to celebrate voluteerism and athletic excellence in Leaside.

For more information on the Easy York Foundation and the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame please click here to visit their website.

October 2017


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

YOU Helped Lexus On The Park Raise $10,000!

Amount Donated $10,000

Progress is being made in the fight against breast cancer! Early detection and increased screening rates combined with better treatment therapies have resulted in a 44% decrease in the breast cancer death rate since the late 1980's. Breast cancer is still the most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death among women in Canada. It is for these reasons, that we are committed to supporting the breast cancer cause!

This past October, we donated funds to the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of our customers in support of:

· Funding high-quality breast cancer research

· Educating women about early detection

· Providing information and support services to those living with breast cancer, ensuring that no one is alone in their journey


Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation

The Purple Party 

Over $175,000 Raised! 

Amount Donated $15,000

Over 450 guests will be dressed to impress at the Purple Party at the Fifth Social on October 19! This evening was filled with surprise celebrity guest performances, delicious food, and inspirational speeches from childhood cancer surviours. The goal of this event was to help raise money to fund research to cure every child with cancer. We are ecstatic to say that we helped raise over $175,000 that night! Though this outstanding amount will help with the fight, the Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation will continue to provide important connectivity and education programs for Canadian children with cancer and their families.

For more information on Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation, click here to visit their website.


Leaside Volleyball 

Amount Donated: $5,000

Lexus on the Park is a proud supporter of Leaside Volley ball. Leaside Volleyball League was founded in 2010 by John Child, a 3 time Olympian and Olympic Bronze Medallist, and Christian Redmann, a 2x Canadian National Champion and current National Team member. The program was designed to help kids learn a love of volleyball through a fun and educational experience. 

For more information on Leaside Volleyball, click here to visit their website.

Good Luck This Season Girls!


September 2017

Sarah and Claire's Food Drive 

Amount Donated: $1,000

14 year old Sarah, started a Thanksgiving food drive to help those who are unfortunate. This year, Lexus on the Park is proud to help Sarah and Claire reach their goal by providing 40 Thanksgiving Holiday Hampers to those in need. To date, Sarah & Claire's Food Drive has raised nearly 400,000 pounds of food/funds for food banks and community food centres in the City of Toronto.  They continue to be the largest community-based food drive that supports Daily Bread Food Bank, and are a grassroots initiative, fuelled by youth who are determined to make a difference in changing the state of food insecurity in the City of Toronto. 

For more information on Sarah and Claire's Food Drive, click here to visit their website.


The 24th Leaside Rotary Community Corn Roast 

Amount Donated: $1,000

The 24th Annual Leaside Rotary Club Community Corn Roast was held Sunday, September 17 at Trace Manes Park. Mark. Lexus on the Park is a proud supporter of the annual event.

The Rotary Club of Toronto Charitable Foundation is the fundraising and granting entity of the Rotary Club of Toronto. Its primary mission is to fund programs, in the City of Toronto, which benefit children and youth in the areas of health, education, child abuse and neglect, social development and life enrichment. It also funds community programs for the homeless, disabled and seniors and contributes, from time to time, to international Rotary projects which assist children and youth. 

For more information on the 24th Leaside Rotary Community Corn Roast, click here to visit their website.


July 2017

Toronto Parks and Tree Foundation 

Amount Donated: $62,000

Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation has been helping Toronto transform its parks and green spaces since 2002. Unfortunately July 16, 2014 marked the day of Georgia Walsh's tragic passing. Thus, the dream of a $1.2 Million Trace Manes Park Rejuvenation Project was born. We were very sadden here at Lexus on the Park by this tragedy and wanted to help in as many ways as we could, as this Leaside tragedy was very close to home here from us at Lexus On the Park. This dream is to rejuvenate Trace Manes Park, which was a place that Georgia loved. A total donation of

$62,000 was made of behalf of Lexus on the Park to support this dream. A dream that is committed to provide 4 main things:

1. A community where parents can be reassured their children are safe, without being overprotective due to fear. 

2. A neighbourhood where kids are allowed the freedom to explore, to learn and to be curious, while also being safe. 

3. A neighbourhood where children learn independence within safe boundaries so they can build their self-esteem and confidence to navigate the world and grow. 

4. A community that can live on, without the fear that took hold of parents on July 16, 2014. 

For more information on Trace Manes Playground Rejuvenation, click here to visit their website.

June 2017

Diabetes Hope Foundation

Amount Donated: $5,000

On June 26, Diabetes Hope Foundation hosted its 21st Annual Swing of Hope Golf Tournament. This event is in support of Diabetes Hope Foundation's programs for youth living with diabetes.

Diabetes Hope Foundation was created to fill that gap and help families struggling with the financial and emotional challenges of children living with diabetes. The organization believes that by focusing on these youth, can create healthier and more productive adults tomorrow. Here at Lexus on the Park we want to be part of that mission. We are pleased to help Diabetes Hope Foundation become one step closer to their mission.

For more information on Diabetes Hope Foundation, click here to visit their website.


The 7th Annual Yorkville Exotic Car Show 

Amount Donated: $6,400

Lexus on the Park is proud to have been a Gold Level sponsor for the 2017 Yorkville Exotic Car Show. This past Father Day Yorkville's Exotic Car Show took place on Bloor Street between Avenue Road and Bay Street where people were able to get up close with some of the best examples of automotive design from around the world and help raise funds for Prostate Cancer Canada. For more information on the Yorkville Exotic Car Show please visit their website.


How It All Started? 

Amount Donated: $10,000

This fundraising initiative was born from the efforts of one Camp Huronda camper, Jamie, and his bestlemonade stand family 2 friend, Max.  Since 2008, they have operated a lemonade stand in their neighbourhood to raise funds for diabetes research. This June Lexus on the Park is a proud supporter of Put a Squeeze on Diabetes!

For more information on Put a Squeeze on Diabetes, click here to visit their website.

May 2017

Jack Ride: Canada's Ride For Youth Mental Health 

Amount Donated: $5,000

Lexus on the Park is proud to have sponsored the 2017 Jack Ride: Canada's Ride For Youth Mental Health. This year the Jack Ride surpassed their goal of $550,000.00 and raised a record breaking total of $713,421,10.

Congratulations to all the riders, sponsors, volunteers and donors for the record breaking total. For more information on JackRide please visit there website.

Wonderful Women 

Amount Donated: $5,000

In 2007, the Weizmann Instituted established a fellowship program open to outstanding female PhD graduates from all Israeli institutions of higher learning. This program was created to help close the gender gap at the high level of academia and to help with costs associated with post doctorial training abroad. Lexus on the Park is proud to help out with this amazing cause. 

For more information on Wonderful Women, click here to visit their website.

Mission Statement:

Amount Donated: $710

"We commit to Canada's young people that we will be leaders in providing them with the highest quality, volunteer based mentoring programs"

Big Brothers and Sisters of Toronto believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. Here at Lexus on the Park we also believe in this mission statement. We are very happy to work with Big Brothers and Big Sisters by participating in their Hole in One Event 

For more information on the Big Brothers Big Sisters Charity and their mission, click here to visit their website.


April 2017


Amount Donated: $1,000

Lexus on the Park is proud to be a supporter of ALS Canada. The proceeds of a March 2017 sales competition were voted upon by the winning team to be donated to ALS Canada to help them continue their important research to put an end to this devastating disease. For more information on ALS Canada please visit their website.


March 2017



Toronto Prayer Breakfast 

Amount Donated: $1,000 

This past March, the Toronto Prayer Breakfast brought together local clergy, ministry leaders and other members of Toronto's Christian community that gathered along with leaders from Toronto's business, government, arts entertainment, education and media sectors. Over 500 people came out as they enjoyed breakfast, listen to a message from the guest speaker, Gary Thomas, and most importantly prayed for our city. Lexus on the Park was happy to lend a hand and support his day.  

For more information on the Toronto Prayer Breakfast, click here to visit their website.


AGA Khan Museum 

Amount Donated: $1,500

Aga Khan Museum offers unique insights and new perspectives into Islamic civilizations and the cultural threads that weave through history binding us all together. Their goal is for the Museum to be a centre of education and learning, and that it will act as a catalyst for mutual understanding and tolerance. In March, Lexus on the Park was very happy to sponsor this cause, helping Aga Khan Museum one step closer to their mission!

For more information click here to visit their website.



Family Fun Night  

Amount Donated: $1,200  

Family Fun Night (FFN) is Northlea's largest fundraiser, and all monies raised at this fun-filled event go towards supporting school-based enrichment initiatives benefiting Northlea students! This past March, Lexus on the Park was happy to sponsor this event and help raise funds for supporting school-based enrichment initiatives that will benefit Northlea students. 

For more information on Family Fun Night, click here to visit their website.


February 2017

Better Living Fashion Show and Gala 

Amount Donated: $2,000 

On February 23, 2017 the 12th Annual Better Living Fashion Show and Gala took place at the gorgeous Parkview Manor. This is Better Living Charitable Foundation's signature Gala fundraising event. 

The Better Living Charitable Foundation raises necessary funds for essential programs and services for more than 7,000 Better Living clients, members, residents and their loved ones. This past February Lexus on the Park was excited to be involed with this is wonderful cause.

For more information on The Better Living Charitable Foundation's Fashion Show and Gala, click here to visit their website.


Leaside Hockey Association

Amount Donated: $4,000

The Leaside Hockey Association provides safe, recreational and competitive hockey programs for the youth of our community. In February, Lexus on the Park was proud to be a part of this wonderful cause by participating in the Select Invitation Tournament. 

For more information on Leaside Hockey Association and the Select Invitation Tournament, click here to visit their website.

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