Power and Responsibility

At Lexus, we believe that power and efficiency can co-exist without compromise. That unrivaled driving joy goes hand-in-hand with environmental and social responsibility. As proof, we developed our advanced and sophisticated Hybrid powertrain - Lexus Hybrid Drive.

Getting Started

Lexus Hybrids never need to be plugged in. They recover and generate power while you drive, automatically recharging the Hybrid battery. When you're ready to go, simply press the Power button, and your journey can begin.

Lexus Hybrid Start


Lexus Hybrid Acceleration

Unlike some Hybrid systems, Lexus Hybrids are capable of operating with the gas engine only, electric motor only, or a seamless and extremely efficient combination of both. When you accelerate, the electric motor works on its own to drive the wheels. For rapid acceleration, or as you require more power to increase your speed, the gas engine assists the electric motor.


A revolutionary Electronic Control Unit (ECU) controls the energy flow between the gas-powered combustion engine, advanced electric motor and high-capacity battery. When you reach your cruising speed, the power from the gas engine is split between the wheels and an electric generator that drives the electric motor. Excess energy used to recharge the Hybrid battery, minimizing energy waste.

Lexus Hybrid Cruising


Lexus Hybrid Braking

The gas engine switches off immediately, stopping the creation of CO2 emissions, when you take your foot off the gas pedal or press the brake pedal. In response, the electric generator creates resistance to reduce the vehicle cruising speed. The electricity generated by this resistance is redirected to recharge the Hybrid battery.


Stop - at a red light, for example. With only the electric motor active, your Lexus Hybrid is silent and emits no emissions. If the Hybrid battery is running low, the gas engine intuitively starts, generating the energy required to replenish the battery. This is just one of the reasons that Lexus Hybrids are up to 70% cleaner than gas burning engines and diesels.** Even when stopped, you can run systems like air conditioning from the Hybrid battery. To avoid running down, the gas engine can intuitively start, generating the energy required to replenish the battery.

** Based on North American sales data and Federal Tier 2 engine emission standards.

Lexus Hybrid Cruising

Reference Guides

Because Lexus hybrids have a high-voltage electrical system, great care is taken to ensure that this pack does not contact objects other than the hybrid propulsion system itself.

In the case of an emergency or collision with a Hybrid vehicle, safety professionals and first responders identify the presence of hybrid technology and act accordingly. That's why we publish Emergency Response Guides and Dismantling Manuals. Guides are currently available for the following Lexus hybrids:

Lexus Hybrid Emergency Response Guide Dismantling Manual
RX 400h
Download PDF Download PDF
RX 450h
Download PDF N/A
CT 200h
Download PDF N/A
ES 300h
Download PDF N/A
GS 450h
Download PDF Download PDF
HS 250h
Download PDF N/A
LS 600h L
Download PDF N/A



Lexus Safety

Powerful Protection.Ultimate Peace of Mind.

Safety is the ultimate. Through an innovative array of integrated safety technologies, we take high-level driver-assist to the next level - providing you that freedom to embrace your Lexus on your next drive.

Pursuit of Safety

The Passionate Pursuit of Safety

Safety beyond both driver and passenger. Safety that extends from your car, to other cars, and the countless pedestrians in-between.

Two Eyes. Four Systems.

A millimeter-wave radar and camera work together with four distinct safety systems to support safer driving. Safety that matches the joy of driving a Lexus. Delivering peace of mind behind the wheel.

Lexus Safety System
Four system Safety

Lexus Safety System+ The Video

See the four systems of Lexus Safety System+ in action, working together to help ensure your safety from the moment you take the wheel.


Lexus Safety System+

Relentlessly devoted to your safety, Lexus is introducing an all-new set of advanced safety features known as Lexus Safety System+ (LSS+). Designed to help you prevent collisions, LSS+ scans for hazards and actively works to avoid them using four innovative systems. LSS+ will be available on all 2018/19 vehicles, but you can experience it first on select 2016 models.

The Key Features of the Lexus Safety System+

1. Automatic High Beam (AHB)

2. Lane Departure Alert (LDA)

3. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

4. Pre-Collision System (PCS)

Advanced Safety Features

1. Automatic High Beam (AHB)

Advanced Safety Features Lexus

Uncomfortable with driving in the dark? AHB is designed to ensure better visibility while you navigate through the night. It uses cameras located on the windshield to detect headlights of oncoming vehicles in front and automatically switches between high and low beams. While your peace of mind will certainly increase, the risk of collision is reduced.

Disclaimer: Automatic high beam feature can help improve vision at night. However, conditions such as a dirty windshield, rapidly changing light conditions or hilly terrain will limit effectiveness so the driver may need to manually adjust the high beams from on to off. Please see your Owner's Manual for details.

2. Lane Departure Alert (LDA)

The LDA takes into account that even the most focused drivers can become distracted. If the vehicle begins to deviate from the current lane, the system issues a buzzer sound, a display notification, and a steering wheel vibration to recommend that the driver correct the vehicle's path.

Disclaimer: Lane Departure Alert is designed to read the lane markers under certain conditions, and provide visual and audible alerts when lane departure is detected. It is not a collision-avoidance system or a substitute for safe and attentive driving. Effectiveness depends on many factors. See Owner's Manual for more information.

Advanced Safety Features LDA

3. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

Advanced Safety Features Lexus

Using multiple sensors, including the millimetre wave sensor, the DRCC determines the distance of vehicles in front of you and controls your speed within a preset range to match the speed of the other driver. Long highway drives are now less tiring and instances of sudden braking are far less frequent.

Settable distances between cars (when travelling at 80km/h)

  • Long: ~ 50 meters
  • Medium: ~ 40 meters
  • Short: ~ 30 meters

Disclaimer: Dynamic/Radar Cruise Control was designed to assist the driver and is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving practices. Please see your Owner's Manual for important cautions and instructions.

4. Pre-Collision System (PCS)


You can't always anticipate the actions of other drivers. PCS uses sensors to detect other vehicles and obstructions in front of your Lexus. If the system determines a high probability of a collision it will issue a warning. In situations where a collision has been determined to be unavoidable it will automatically apply the brakes.

Key features of millimeter-wave radar sensor include:

  • Can detect at distances and at high speeds
  • Works well in poor-weather, such as rain, fog and falling snow
  • Since it provides excellent object detection, it can detect pedestrians when combined with monocular camera

Disclaimer: The Pre-Collision System is designed to help reduce the crash speed and damage in certain frontal collisions only. It is not a collision avoidance system and is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving. System effectiveness depends on many factors, such as speed, driver input and road conditions. Please see your Owner's Manual for further information.

Advanced Safety Features LDA