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Inspiring Confidence

Every Lexus vehicle is backed by the most service-focused and dedicated network of Dealers in the industry. Plus, our comprehensive standard and supplemental protection programs offer unprecedented motoring peace of mind.

New Vehicle Warranty

Driving a Lexus should be an experience of joy and exhilaration, without reservation. Not to worry - your New Vehicle Warranty provides protection from potential defects in manufacturing materials or workmanship. Lexus warranty service is performed by Lexus-trained technicians using Lexus Genuine parts, and is available at any Lexus Dealership in North America.

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Lexus vehicle warranty

New Vehicle Coverage Details

Coverage Term
Comprehensive Coverage

Repairs on any original Lexus part of the vehicle that is defective in material or in workmanship under normal use.

48 months/80,000 km, whichever comes first.
Powertrain & Safety Restraints
72 months/110,000 km, whichever comes first.
Corrosion Perforation

Any body sheet metal found, under normal use, to have developed a perforation (hole through the body panel) from corrosion due to defects in material or workmanship.

72 months, regardless of distance travelled.
Emission Control Components
48 months/80,000 km, whichever comes first.
Major Emission Control Components
96 months/130,000 km
Major Emission Component Performance Warranty
24 months/40,000 km

Service adjustments found to be out of alignment from factory specification (not usually associated with the replacement of parts)

Usually 12 months/32,000 km, but see Dealership for details.
Hybrid-related Components

Applies to the battery control module, hybrid vehicle control module, Hybrid High Voltage battery and the inverter/converter.

96 months/160,000 km
Alternate Transportation

For certain warrantable repairs that require your Lexus vehicle to be out of service for an extended period of time, Lexus will provide alternate transportation.

See Dealership for details.
Original Equipment Tire Warranty

Warranted by the Tire Manufacturer.

See Dealership for details.

Parts Warranty

Every Lexus vehicle is backed by a service-focused and dedicated network of Dealers. Plus, our comprehensive standard and supplemental protection programs offer motoring peace of mind.

At Lexus, we've increased our coverage to keep you covered... for longer. Lexus Parts Warranty is now 2 Years/40,000 km, for new service replacement parts purchased and installed at a Lexus Dealer as of October 2014. In a world where the unexpected hides around every corner, stay confident behind the wheel knowing that we have you covered.

Lexus Parts Warranty

Roadside Assistance

Lexus Roadside Assistance

We've Got You Covered. Wherever your journey takes you - a few kilometres from home or a road-trip from Hudson Bay to Hudson, New Hampshire, Lexus Roadside Assistance is with you.

That's because every New and Certified Pre-Owned Lexus vehicle purchased from a Lexus Dealership in Canada includes 24 hour emergency roadside and mechanical breakdown assistance, 365 days a year, in Canada or the continental US.

For Assistance, call:

1-800-26-LEXUS (1-800-265-3987) or

Book Online

Roadside Assistance Coverage Details

Services Coverage Details
Mechanical Breakdown Towing
Up to 300 km per occurrence
Battery Boost
Includes cold weather starts
Tire Change
Repairs not included
Winching from ditch
Fuel delivery if you are stranded
Includes 10 litres Fuel
Key Lockout Service
Spare Key Delivery
Personalized Auto Trip Planning Services
Customized maps with your route highlighted, accommodation directories, notes and brochures on points of interest, facts and travel tips
Program Coverage Terms
New Vehicles
48 months/unlimited kms
Lexus Certified Pre-Owned
24 months
Coverage extension available on an annual basis.

For full coverage details, see the "Roadside Assistance Program" section of your Lexus Owner's Manual Supplement.

Lexus Road Hazard Protection

Lexus Roadhazard protection

Peace of Mind

Be prepared for bumps in the road. Despite your best efforts, you may at some point encounter unavoidable hazards, directly in your path. A huge pothole, shattered glass or other debris on the road are hazards that can be dangerous and they can be very costly when they cause damage to your tires and wheels.

For times like these, Lexus now offers Lexus Road Hazard Protection (LRHP).

LRHP Plans are available for 3, 4 or 5 year terms, for repair or replacement of tires and alloy wheels purchased and installed at any Lexus Dealership in Canada during the selected term.

What Equipment is Eligible?

  • Original Equipment and Replacement Tires: Summer, All Season & Winter
  • Original Equipment and Lexus Accessory Alloy Wheels

Your Lexus Dealership will ensure your repair or replacement is performed to the highest level of service, getting you back on the road quickly and with no hidden costs. Purchase LRHP at your Lexus Dealership.

Covered Expenses

LRHP covers the expenses involved in repairing or replacing a flat tire or replacing damaged alloy wheels (purchased and installed at a Canadian Lexus Dealership) caused by covered road hazards. A valid road hazard is defined as and limited to: potholes, cracks in pavement, nails, screws, bolts, glass, rocks and other debris found on a public roadway.

  • Tire repair or replacement
  • Alloy Wheel replacement (if applicable)
  • Labour
  • Valve stem
  • Balancing
  • Towing
  • Food and lodging
  • Provincial tire levy and taxes
  • Vehicle rental assistance
  • Roadside Assistance

Tire must have more than 3/32" tread life remaining. If the tire cannot be safely repaired to industry standard then the program will cover the cost of a replacement tire identical to the original tire, or of like kind and quality if the original tire is no longer available. The program will cover the cost of a replacement alloy wheel identical to the original alloy selected term wheel, or of like kind and quality if the original alloy wheel is no longer available.

Extra Care Protection

red Lexus

For Your Benefit

To further enhance your Lexus ownership experience, we're pleased to offer Extra Care Protection (ECP) extended service contracts.

ECP provides enhanced protection for Lexus Guests, above and beyond the coverage of mechanical components, with services such as:

  • Trip Interruption Coverage
  • Vehicle Rental Assistance
  • Personalized Trip Planning
  • Roadside Assistance

With fully-transferable contracts, ECP can also enhance the resale value of your Lexus. Transfer of coverage to a new owner is as simple as signing over the contract and advising Lexus of the change.

ECP Packages

Available Plans (Months/KMs*) Gold Plan Platinum Plan

ECP coverage is also available for Lexus Pre-Owned Vehicles. See your Lexus Dealership for full details.

Available Platinum Plans

Our new "Platinum" plans provide coverage above and beyond that offered by our "Gold" plans. In fact, there are very few components that are not covered with the Platinum plans. See your Lexus Dealership for details.

Benefits of ECP Coverage

Trip Interruption

If a covered component fails while you are traveling more than 80 km from home, ECP provides reimbursement of up to $100 per day for hotel, meal and alternate transportation expenses, to a maximum of $300 per occurrence.

Vehicle Rental Assistance

As detailed in your Owner's Manual Supplement, your Lexus New Vehicle Warranty includes a loaner car program, to ensure that you have alternate transportation if your vehicle must remain at the Dealership service department overnight because of a warrantable condition requiring longer than eight (8) hours to repair. In similar circumstances, ECP provides you with reimbursement of up to $60 per day for alternate transportation, for a maximum of 5 days.

Roadside Assistance Program

When you purchase an ECP contract, your Roadside Assistance coverage is extended from the original 48 months to the full length of your contract, with unlimited kilometres. See Roadside Assistance Coverage for details.

Personalized Auto Trip Planning Assistance

With one phone call, our Personalized Auto Trip Planning Assistants will provide you with detailed route, point of interest and accommodation recommendations. Please contact us 10 days in advance of your trip and we'll mail you a package that includes colour maps; alternate routes; a trip log; tour and accommodation directories; lists of Lexus Dealerships; notable attractions; and entertainment en route.

Mechanical Protection

When you purchase an ECP contract, coverage of vehicle components is extended from the standard 48 month/80,000 km to the term selected. Protection includes the Powertrain components (also outlined in your Lexus Owner's Manual Supplement under "New Vehicle Warranty"), plus other important components.

Tire Road Hazard Warranty

Original equipment tires damaged by road hazards are covered under the Tire Road Hazard Protection warranty. This coverage is provided for a period of 36 months or 50,000 km or until the tire treadwear indicator becomes visible, whichever occurs first. The warranty applies to direct expenses incurred to repair or replace original equipment tires. Coverage is provided in respect to parts, labour, installation, balancing, and the applicable taxes. Your Lexus Dealer will make the appropriate repair and claim.

For full details, Download PDF