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Convenient Financing

Lexus On The Park offers a wide range of customized financing and leasing solutions at competitive rates to suit your unique requirements.

Once you've found the vehicle you're looking for, financing is probably the next step. The Financing department at Lexus On The Park is a convenient way to make the process of getting a loan or lease as quickly as possible. We look forward to devising a personalized plan to assist you when purchasing your Lexus.

Simple Interest Financing

The Lexus finance plan uses the simple interest method to calculate daily interest charges. This is the fairest of all methods. A payment received one day early would result in an interest credit (cost savings) and a payment received one day late would be subject to an extra day's interest.

Lump Sum Payments

If, at any time, you elect to make a lump sum payment, the simple interest method ensures that you receive full value. When a lump sum payment is received, we will deduct a portion for interest earned from the date the previous payment was made and apply the balance to the principal. Consequently, you will reduce your term and realize a savings in interest cost.

Competitive rates and flexible terms

You will find that our rates are very competitive. No fee or penalty applies. The Lexus finance plan offers flexible terms that are tailored to meet you needs. Depending on the model year you choose, you may qualify for terms of up to 60 months.

Finance Form

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LEXUS ON THE PARK takes your privacy seriously and does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent. Read our privacy policy.

By submitting, I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information as described in this paragraph. I agree that the personal information provided above may be used and disclosed by Lexus On The Park and/or its agents or service providers (collectively, the "Dealer") as necessary to obtain credit, financial and related personal information (including a credit or consumer information report) about me from any credit bureau or credit reporting agency, and to advise me on credit availability in connection with product and/or service purchase financing. I further agree that the personal information provided above may be disclosed to the provider of Dealer's website hosting or related services for the purpose of enabling Dealer to access my personal information for marketing purposes. Personal information I provide and credit information obtained may also be retained by Dealer and used to facilitate the application process should I subsequently choose to apply for credit through Dealer.

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