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Lexus Values

No Compromise

What is it that sets Lexus apart? We believe that it is our values. They guide everything we do, every interaction with our Guests, and every vehicle that we produce. We are absolutely committed to never compromising on what we believe in. We invite you to believe, too.

The Lexus Covenant

Before the first Lexus automobile ever landed in a Dealership. Before Lexus Dealerships opened to welcome our first Guests, the Lexus Covenant was born. Our Chairman challenged his team to develop automobiles to rival Europe’s finest and introduced an equally innovative approach to unparalleled service. The Lexus Covenant is a guide for everything we do. Our mission - and our commitment to you:

Lexus Mission

Lexus will enter the most competitive, prestigious automobile race in the world. Over 50 years of Toyota automotive experience has culminated in the creation of Lexus automobiles. They will be the finest automobiles ever built.

Lexus will win the race because: Lexus will do it right from the start. Lexus will have the finest Dealer network in the industry. Lexus will treat each customer as we would a Guest in our home.

If you think you can't, you won't... If you think you can, you will... We can. We will.

Lexus Logo


Lexus SUV

Yet Philosophy

Since our inception, Lexus has continuously reinvented the concept of automotive luxury by bringing seemingly incompatible concepts into harmonious existence - like the world's first Luxury Hybrid vehicle, combining refined performance with environmental consciousness.

This is our "Yet" Philosophy: Lexus indulges your desire for comfort and pleasure yet lives up to your high expectations for social and ecological responsibility. Our automobiles deliver exhilarating driving experience yet attain excellent fuel efficiency.

Read more on some of our environmental initiatives that have been inspired by Yet.

Lexus CT

Sweet Yet Sophisticated

Take a look inside the hatch of the CT. The lining looks and performs like any other plastic, yet it is made of a sugarcane-based plastic called bio-PET.

To make bio-PET, petroleum-based chemicals are replaced with renewable sugarcane-based chemicals, making them environmentally conscious and future-focused.

About 30% of the plastic in the CT is bio-PET - one step towards our commitment to make all Lexus vehicles 95% recoverable or recyclable by 2015.

Explore Lexus CT 200h

Big Yet Efficient

Between our manufacturing operations in Cambridge, and the Lexus and Toyota Canada corporate offices nationwide, we employ about 8,000 people in Canada, yet we have undertaken many initiatives to minimize our environmental impact including:

  • Certified to ISO 14001 standard
  • Diverting zero waste to landfill since 2006
  • Offering bulk fluid delivery to Lexus Dealerships - drastically reducing chemical packaging and containers coming from service facilities
  • Offering Battery Recycling, removing hazardous waste from landfill
  • Supporting environmental leadership from the next generation through the Toyota Earth Day Scholarship program

For more information, please download a copy of the Toyota North American Environment Report (2012)

Download PDF

Lexus Dealership

Luxury Hybrid

The Power of h

Yes, we can deliver luxury and performance yet remain fuel efficient. We take great pride in our commitment to environmental innovation and sustainability. With RX, we were the first to introduce the world to a luxury hybrid and we continue to develop and expand our Hybrid line-up.

Learn More


Reinventing the wheel

You spend more time touching the steering wheel than anything else in your vehicle. Which is why we lavish so much attention upon it.

Lexus Remote Touch

The Power of Touch

Entertainment, navigation and convenience controls are literally at your fingertips, with steering wheel mounted controls and Remote Touch. Now, we've taken the power of touch one step further, adding Electrostatic Touch to control temperature settings in the all-new IS.

Shimamoku Finish

The Shimamoku steering wheel and ornamentations that grace the new LS and GX fuse Japanese craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Shimamoku – which means 'striped wood' – demands the painstaking layering and precision cutting of dark and light shaded wood veneers in a 67-step process over 38 days.

Ultimate Hospitality

"Omotenashi" refers to the Japanese spirit of hospitality. It shines through in two 'world's first' innovations that adorn the all-new LS

LS LED Lights

Climate Concierge

A four-zone independent automatic temperature control system integrates heating and cooling for all four seats and a steering wheel heater. The resulting system anticipates your needs, automatically creating ideal comfort for every occupant.

Advanced Illumination System

As you approach, enter and then start your LS, champagne-hued LED lights illuminate in an exquisitely choreographed sequence - as if your LS is awakening, and wrapping you in light. Our engineers tested countless lighting patterns to discover the one that resonated most with the senses. The system will soon be introduced in other Lexus models – each with a signature LED colour.

Finishing Touches

Innovations come in all sizes, from technologies that change the industry to those that change how you feel, simply by looking at your Lexus.

Paint Finishing Touch
Lexus Hand Stitching

Paint That Heals Itself

The luxurious paints that cloak each Lexus are the result of no less than six coats, applied for protection, finish and sparkle. To this we've added yet another innovation — self-healing paint. Developed and tested over 10 years, the new paint (on select GS models) features an advanced clear coat with the flexibility to restore minor blemishes and resist the damaging effects of light, acid and surface scratching.


Genuine touches separate Lexus' sense of luxury from all others, like the hand stitching on the new ES. The true innovation lies in the hands of the 12 highly trained craftspeople who sew the upholstery in three-dimensional shapes with unparalleled skill and accuracy.

Delighting The Senses

Only when innovation can invigorate the senses and elevate driving enjoyment have we accomplished what we set out to do – create amazing.

Sound Generator Lexus
Handling F Sport

Sound Generator

Lexus engineers have fine-tuned intake and exhaust sounds to project bolder, more energetic personalities on the new generation of Lexus vehicles. A sound generator on GS, IS and LS F SPORT models amplifies the vibration of air intake pulsation to deliver a throaty growl at ignition and acceleration.

Lexus Dynamic Handling

For an invigorating driving experience, the GS F SPORT is equipped with Lexus Dynamic Handling that continuously calculates the optimum angle for all four wheels resulting in more acute maneuverability and more immediate steering responsiveness.

Safe Journeys

Lexus knows no bounds in our quest to create unforgettable motoring experiences, which includes making every journey as safe as it can be.

Lexus Drive Simulator
LS Safety System

Lexus Drive Simulator

Inside a dome-shaped virtual reality simulator that moves to replicate turning, climbing, accelerating and braking, we surround a Lexus automobile with wrap-around screens that project highly realistic driving scenarios. Simulations put ordinary drivers in extraordinary situations – from impending collisions to drowsiness behind the wheel – without ever placing anyone in danger. The ability to observe and measure reactions enables us to continuously improve the safety systems in every Lexus vehicle.

Advanced Pre-Crash Safety System

The new LS introduces the most advanced active pre-crash safety system in the industry capable of detecting pedestrians far beyond the reach of the headlights and warn the driver of an impending collision – all while enhancing deceleration and brake pedal operation to bring the LS to a complete stop from 40 km/h.

Manufacturing Amazing

Lexus manufacturing facilities employ state-of-the art processes and technologies to ensure the quality and efficiency of your Lexus.

Lexus Clean Manufacturing
Extreme Weather Simulator Lexus

Clean & Silent

By keeping floors and workspaces clean in our manufacturing facilities, we reduce airborne dust and particles and minimize potential flaws in painted finishes. We even installed a water curtain, referred to as “Niagara”, in our Kyushu plant to help trap airborne particles. Advanced equipment, like friction-based conveyance systems, reduce loud, distracting noises. In clean, calm and quiet, the craftspeople who build your Lexus use their senses to do their best work.

Storm Chamber

Before it can leave the plant, each and every Lexus must withstand 2 minutes in a specially designed storm chamber that simulates extreme weather conditions such as wind and rain without letting in a single drop. It's just one of many punishing tests that go far beyond real-world conditions to ensure that your Lexus is ready to meet the demands of your environment.



The design of each and every Lexus vehicle is guided by the L-Finesse design philosophy - a leading-edge approach to luxury design fusing the most advanced technology with Japanese refinement.

"L-Finesse is everything that's intangible within the Lexus experience."

Simon Humphries

Remote Touch Feature Controller

With L-Finesse, we aim to design automobiles that enhance your lifestyle, through:

Seamless Anticipation- whatever you need is always right there when it's required – whether it's the intuitive Remote Touch feature controller or a discretely guiding sequence of interior lighting.

Incisive Simplicity - everything we create must be an intuitive pleasure to use and behold. Like the LFA's rear combination lamp - striking in appearance while also serving as an air outlet and rear aerodynamic corner.

LFA Rear Combination Lamp

LF LC Interior

Intriguing Elegance - visual depth that creates profound and mysterious beauty, Lexus sets itself apart with designs like the stunning spiral interior found on the LF-LC Concept vehicle.


Takumi or "Master Craftsmen" are highly skilled artisans who perfect their craft for many years until they are able to create and inspect - with hand and eye - to the finest detail.

The Takumi who specialize in paint application complete the fine art of wet polishing by hand to create a mirror finish. They inspect the exterior finish using special red, green and blue (RGB) lighting - ensuring that even the tiniest imperfection, invisible under white lights, can be removed before the Lexus automobile is released.

Lexus Pride and Craftmanship

Each Lexus is crafted by a team of craftspeople who instill an uncompromising depth of pride and craftsmanship in each vehicle they build. Feel the passion, in the finest automobile you've ever owned.


We are proud that our excellence in manufacturing quality, in Canada and Japan, has been recognized year over year in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study. Here are just a few of the steps that we take in our pursuit of perfection.

JD Power Initial Quality Study

Uncommon Sense

Engine inspectors are selected and trained for maestro-like hearing. They can distinguish the difference between 20 different engine sounds and discern the tones that differ with each rpm. They inspect each and every LS engine - and only when an engine sounds perfect will it be released to be mated with an extraordinary LS body.

Can you feel the difference between the front and back of a clean piece of paper with your eyes closed? Lexus engine-machining technicians can and they use those sensitive fingertips to verify engine parts, backing up digital measurements with a craftsman's touch. They check smoothness and curvature and any possible improvements before assembly.

Obsession with Perfection

To say we're obsessed with cleanliness is an understatement. Engine parts are made and prepped for assembly in an isolated lab-like clean room. Here, Team Members are given "air showers" before they enter, parts are kept in special dust-free containers and each part gets multiple high-power vacuums to ensure precision-crafted manufacturing.

Cleanliness Manufacturing

Lexus Paintshop

Similar attention is paid to the exterior on every Lexus. Team Members pass through air showers before entering the Paint Shop. Shell bodies are vacuumed by hand and undergo a series of intensive baths in preparation for the application of protective and Paint layers that give your Lexus its flawless finish.

Whatever the Weather

To ensure that electronic systems continue to function despite fluctuations in atmospheric energy, such as television waves, solar radiation, and lightning, our engineers subject your Lexus to wild electromagnetic interference in a giant chamber made for this purpose.

We subject prototypes to temperatures ranging from over 100 degrees above to more than 30 degrees below Celsius to ensure that your Lexus performs – regardless of the climate.

And before your Lexus leaves the care of the craftspeople who have devoted their expertise to precision manufacturing, it is subjected to a leak test, simulating extreme wind and rain, to ensure that the passenger cabin is securely sealed to keep the elements out.

Weather Performance Lexus

Lexus Amazing Manufacturing

Creating Amazing

Lexus automobiles are crafted with masterful skill and attention to detail, inspired as much by traditional artisanship as by state-of-the-art engineering. This pursuit of perfection is evident at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Occasionally, somewhere in the process, an imperfection is found. In that case, each and every Lexus team member is enabled - even encouraged - to stop the production process until it is determined where the imperfection occurred and how to resolve it.

This way, every individual involved in the development of your Lexus can honour their commitment to the pursuit of perfection.

That's how we're creating amazing.

Lexus Perfection

Made in Canada

When you see an RX 350 on the road – from Seattle to Saskatoon, from Miami to Montreal, you can take pride in the fact that it was likely made in Canada. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada’s (TMMC) South Plant was specifically constructed for RX production, making it the first plant outside of Japan to ever manufacture a Lexus. The first RX 330 came off the line in 2003. Today, Lexus RX 350 is Canada’s best selling luxury SUV.

Lexus Made in Canada

JD Power Plant Quality Awards

TMMC made history again in 2014 when the plant began manufacture of the RX 450h featuring Lexus’ renowned Lexus Hybrid Drive — adding the distinction of being the only plant to manufacture a Lexus hybrid outside of Japan. South Plant’s team of dedicated Lexus craftsmen expertly assemble approximately 104,000 RX SUV’s each year.

TMMC's Lexus Plant has received 12 J.D. Power Plant Quality Awards, more than any other North American Manufacturer. This includes Gold in 2012 and Platinum in 2011 and 2014 — the only Platinum Awards ever won by a Toyota/Lexus plant outside of Japan.

Altogether, TMMC employs over 8,000 Team Members in Canada to produce Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

This is truly a story of Canadians creating amazing.

Canadian Lexus

Corporate Social Responsibility

Toyota Canada Foundation

Toyota Canada Foundation

The Toyota Canada Foundation is a national not-for-profit, private foundation that assesses the needs of existing and potential partners seeking charitable program support.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, Toyota and Lexus Corporate and Dealership staff work with the Toyota Canada Foundation to advance support of Education, Safety and the Environment.

Special Olympics Canada

Special Olympics Volunteer Training Days

The Toyota Canada Foundation has been donating to Special Olympics since partnering in 1991. This includes funding for the Special Olympics national training program, launched in 2010.

Volunteer Training Days is a volunteer recruitment and training program letting Canadians know how to get involved with Special Olympics through the many volunteer opportunities available in communities across the country.

The initiative also seeks to educate Canadians about how Special Olympics empowers athletes with an intellectual disability, changes attitudes and builds strong communities.

Scientists in School

Scientists in Schools

Scientists in School (SiS) is a charitable organization dedicated to establishing a strong foundation of science and innovation amongst Canadian youth.

SiS brings more than 60 fun, hands-on and curriculum-aligned half-day workshops into classrooms. Students become 'scientists in their school,' catalyzing long-lasting interest in science, technology, math, environmental stewardship and engineering.

The Toyota Canada Foundation has supported Scientists in School since 1997, helping SiS reach over 3,000,000 students.

Scientists in School


Established in 1964, The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) is Canada's road safety research institute. Its mission is to reduce deaths and injuries resulting from road crashes by designing, implementing, evaluating and promoting evidence-based strategies.

Since 2002, the Toyota Canada Foundation has partnered with TIRF to conduct a number of different studies, and we have developed a resource centre for young and new drivers.

Next, we are looking to develop a comprehensive public research and education program, focused on educating drivers on emerging vehicle safety features and technologies, in relation to safe driving practices.

Earth Day Canada

Toyota Earth Day Scholarships

Through Earth Day Canada a national Earth Day Scholarship Program was established in 2003 to reward and encourage environmental commitment and action among graduating high school and CÉGEP students.

Each year on Earth Day (April 22), 20 regional scholarship recipients are selected from more than 500 applications. Each receives a $5,000 entrance scholarship to pursue post-secondary education at a Canadian institution, plus,one lucky student is also selected as the Earth Day Scholarship National Award.

Nearly 150 students have benefitted from The Earth Day Scholarship Program to-date.

Friends of Lexus

Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation

Yee Hong is Ontario's largest non-profit long-term care provider, serving 15,000 seniors and their families across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) each year.

Their fundamental belief is that all seniors should have access to quality cultural, spiritual and physical care.

Lexus has partnered with Yee Hong for nearly 8 years. Both Lexus Canada and GTA Lexus Dealerships proudly support the Foundation and Annual Dragon Ball, providing a Lexus automobile as the grand Raffle prize and helping to raise funds that benefit Yee Hong initiatives.

Yee Hong community Wellness Foundation


Lexus supports young Canadian golfers as a National Founding Partner of the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA). The partnership enables the CJGA to increase grassroots learning opportunities for junior golfers across Canada, developing the skills of aspiring young players.

Those skills are displayed at the Lexus CJGA Skills Competitions held at each of the more than 80 CJGA tournaments and Lexus is the Official Vehicle Supplier to the CJGA.

Canadian Junior Golf Association