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Inject your Lexus with thrilling performance and distinctive style when you select products from our Lexus Accessories Catalogue. Preview featured F SPORT Accessories or select the unique customization options available for your Lexus automobile.

Dual Exhaust

An all-stainless steel system featuring polished mufflers and double-walled exhaust tips with laser-etched F SPORT logos. (Available with the 2016 IS 300/350)

F Sport Parts
F Sport Parts

Lowering Springs

Designed to lower the centre of gravity and reduce body roll and give a more aggressive stance at rest. (Available with the 2016 CT 200h)

Sway Bars

Body roll is your enemy when cornering at speed. Blue F SPORT Sway Bars increase roll stiffness, notably in the rear, improving agility and response. (Available with the 2016 CT 200h)

F Sport Parts